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Liquid biopsy test that analyses ctDNA, CTCs and/or exosomes in the course of cancer.

Artemis DNA™
Cancertrack Cancer Monitor and Manage Recurrence

Recommended for individuals with a history of cancer in order to continue monitoring the disease, recurrence or changes in the tumor characteristic. Test is repeated every 3 months.

*Artemis DNA has exclusive commercial rights with Datar Cancer Genetics for Cancertrack laboratory develop tests (“LDTs”) in Vietnam.

Cancertrack™ Technology

Cancertrack™ is a non-invasive blood based investigation that detects circulating tumor cells (CTCs) and cancer derived biomarkers with ultra-high precision, specificity and reliability. Cancertrack™ can be used to monitor the disease / recurrence or changes in the tumor characteristics, as often as necessary, without the cost, risk and consequences of radiation from scans, hospitalisation, anaesthesia or painful surgical biopsies.

Cancertrack™ Advantages

  • Multi-coordinate and multidimensional probes to track down CTC / DNA / RNA released by cancer cells in the patient's blood.
  • Unique unprecedented capability to detect cancerous activity
  • Enables real-time rapid response to the dynamic molecular p dynamic molecular proöle of a patient's cancer
  • Safe, Sure, Simple and cost-effective
  • Non-invasive blood test
  • Not dependent on availability of tissue
  • Limit of detection is 0.1% Mutant Allele Frequency
  • Far more powerful than conventional biopsy
  • Extensive coverage of NCCN recommended biomarkers

Cancertrack™ Sensitivity and Specificity (Data by Datar Cancer Genetics)

Mutation TypeSomatic
Contributing Components (Steps of Testing)No. Single Test covers cfTNA and CTC
Precision99.9 % (with 95 % CI 98.4% to 100.0%)
Analytic Sensitivity97.1% ( with 95% CI 85.0% to 99.9%); LOD ≥ 0.1 % MAF
Analytic Specificity93.7 % (with 95 % CI – 79.1% to 99.2%.)
Positive Predictive Value (PPV)93.7% (with 95% CI: 79.8% to 98.2%)
Negative Predictive Value (NPV)63.3% (with 95% CI: 50.5% to 74.4%)

Cancertrack™ Analytes

Cancertrack™ is Recommended for

  • Every person who has been diagnosed ith cancer, as a supplement to conventional biopsy for a more robust molecular diagnosis and baseline measurement of cell-free tumor DNA before initiation of therapy
  • Every patient who is in remission / a cancer survivor and needs monitoring
  • Every patient who is under treatment for cancer
  • Every patient in whom the cancer is not responding satisfactorily to “Standard of Care” therapy

Why Keeping Track in Cancer using Cancertrack™ is Very Critical?

Cancer is best managed by a treatment plan that stays one step ahead of the tumor. However, conventional techniques such as imaging or scans can take more than 3 months to detect whether or not the treatment is working or it has failed. That's why, it is important to determine as quickly as possible if the cancer is responding to the therapy or is progressing. This information is now available through Cancertrack™.

What Cancertrack™ Can Reveal

  • Indication of cancerous activity in the body
  • Indication of molecular dynamics in real-time
  • Indication of therapy success
  • Molecular signs of drug resistance
  • Indication of Targetable Molecular Alteration

Cancertrack™ Sample Collection

Total 3 tubes containing 30 ml whole blood.
1. First Draw: 1 or 2 of DCLG tube (camo cap) – total 10 ml
2. Second Draw: 1 or 2 of DCLG tube (camo cap) – total 10ml
2. Third Draw: 1 or 2 of EDTA tubes – total 10 ml

1. Sequence of draw should not be altered. Blood drawn should be performed only be qualified phlebotomist under medical supervision.
2. Do not centrifuge the blood specimen collected in the DCLG and EDTA tubes.
3. Store and Ship at 35.6°F to 46.4°F (2°C to 8°C).
4. Sample must arrive at laboratory within 96 hours of blood draw time.
5. All the tubes should be properly labelled with Patient Name, DOB, Gender, date and time of collection.
6. Do not use specimen collection tubes after the expiration date.

1. Patient has not received blood transfusion at least 10 days prior to collection of sample.
2. Patient is not positive for HIV / HBV / HCV.

Turnaround Time:
14-21 days from receipt of sample at our laboratory.

Cancertrack™ Frequently Asked Questions

Cancertrack™ has been validated clinically on several hundred samples and the process validation meets and exceeds the claimed sensitivity and specificity. Our laboratory is accredited by The College of American Pathologists guidelines. All Cancertrack™ reports are reviewed by our experienced and qualified Molecular Tumor Board comprising of experts in the field. Our counsellors and experts are available for ongoing support.

The rapid and continuous evolution of the molecular profile of tumors results in tumor heterogeneity, which confers significant survival benefits on the tumor. Cancertrack™ unravels these molecular features in real time to identify critical signs linked to recurrence or emerging drug resistance as well as novel vulnerabilities, which empowers the treating clinician to avail optimum treatment strategies to intercept such cancers in a timely manner.

Cancertrack™ should ideally be performed at every important milestone in the fight against cancer and especially when the tumor has disappeared from the conventional imaging/patient is under follow-up for recurrence monitoring.

While Cancertrack™ is extremely robust and multidimensional, like every molecular diagnostic technique, constraints naturally arising due to biological function in an individual patient may impact performance. However, such events are usually averaged out in sequential testing.